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What's New with Version 20.0:

GrandPrix Race Manager™ was originally written for use in our Awana Grand Prix races at Gateway Church of El Cajon, CA. Then it was offered as shareware for a couple of years before being rewritten as a commercial grade application and launched as Version 2.0. Each year we continue to improve the software and have used it to run our own Awana and Cub Scout races each year. Countless race coordinators have given their feedback and suggestions over the years, which has helped make GrandPrix Race Manager into a quality race management software package and an outstanding value for the price.

Version 20.0 is part of the fourth generation of this software (V1 Shareware, V2-6, V7-15, V16-?). This generation is a major overhaul of the software to accomplish two main goals. The first is to make the software as user friendly and intuitive as possible. The second is to make the software compatible with both Windows and macOS. This was a major undertaking, as the software had to be written in a different programming language, but we are proud of the results and believe that you will find the software even more useful and easier to use.

  • New or Improved Features for All Users
    • Awards
      • Design Trophy awards are now easier to create.  You can add a set of design trophies in one operation instead of adding them one by one.
      • Added an "Assign Winners" screen to make winner selection easier.
      • Modified arrow buttons for changing priority to move the selected award up/down the order, renumbering adjoining awards appropriately.
      • Added Award Design Judging Scoresheet report.  Print off for each race group and give to your design judges for them to determine design trophy winners.
    • Registration
      • When adding or editing a racer, if a vehicle# is taken, the next available vehicle# will be listed.
    • Schedules
      • Added a Completed column to indicated when a heat has been run.
      • Added a count of completed and not completed heats.
    • Standings
      • Added a nag message to review standings before displaying them to the audience.
      • Will show racers that have not run any heats yet, with "---" for the standings.
    • Serial Timers
      • Fixed maximum auto reset limit for timers that allow use without a start switch.
    • Internationalization Support
      • Numbers will now be automatically formatted with the appropriate decimal character ("." or ","), per the computer system's locale setting.
      • Added the ability to set the Date display preference, either Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year.  This preference is set in the `Software Settings`_ screen.
    • MacOS Support
      • The software is now able to automatically detect if more than one monitor is in use.
    • General
      • You can now use the Delete key to delete selected records (Org Structure tab, Registration tab, Awards tab, Top Times Settings, Track Records Settings, Manual Heats).
      • You can now use the Insert key to add new records (Org Structure tab, Registration tab, Awards tab, Top Times Settings, Track Records Settings, Manual Heats).
      • When an Audience Display Screen is opened, the group selection pop-up will be automatically displayed.
      • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.
  • New or Improved Features for Pro Users
    • Awards
      • Using the new "Assign Winners" screen, you can view and accept voting results to designate the award winners.  No need to individually update each award.
    • Racing
      • Added a nag message if master scheduling turned on, if user wants to race by group.  Master Scheduling should be turned off in that case.
    • Standings
      • Ignore the Exclude feature when looking at group standings and all racers in that group are excluded.  You might want to exclude all racers (like adults) from the round standings, but still want to view the standings for that particular group.
    • Serial Timers
      • Added support for carriage return and line feed characters ("\r" and "\n") in messages and responses, if required for a custom timer.
    • General
      • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.

Version 19.0 Changes