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What's New with Version 21.0:

GrandPrix Race Manager™ was originally written for use in our Awana Grand Prix races at Gateway Church of El Cajon, CA. Then it was offered as shareware for a couple of years before being rewritten as a commercial grade application and launched as Version 2.0. Each year we continue to improve the software and have used it to run our own Awana and Cub Scout races each year. Countless race coordinators have given their feedback and suggestions over the years, which has helped make GrandPrix Race Manager into a quality race management software package and an outstanding value for the price.

Version 21.0 is part of the fourth generation of this software (V1 Shareware, V2-6, V7-15, V16-?). This generation is a major overhaul of the software to accomplish two main goals. The first is to make the software as user friendly and intuitive as possible. The second is to make the software compatible with both Windows and macOS. This was a major undertaking, as the software had to be written in a different programming language, but we are proud of the results and believe that you will find the software even more useful and easier to use.

  • New or Improved Features for All Users
    • Software Settings
      • For audience display screens, added the ability to display only racer first names and last initials instead of full name. This helps protect racer names when live streaming or posting race video on the Internet.
    • Schedules
      • Changed Completed column on main tab to be the date/time that the heat was completed.
      • Added “Avg Time Per Heat” data on the Schedules tab, for quick reference.
      • For Manual Schedules, made the list of available racers be sortable by column. Makes setting up grudge matches easier.
    • Registration
      • Added a Reset button to the Roster screen to aid in displaying racers that were advanced.
    • Racing
      • Made Test Mode available to all users. Makes mock racing easier to perform.
    • Serial Timers
      • Added an auto timeout for timers that indicate when the start gate drops. When a vehicle doesn’t finish, you can just wait until the timing times out.
      • For Fast Track timers, added the option to use their light tree and auto gate combo. This will prevent the timer reset from triggering the light tree.
    • Grand Turtle Round
      • Added the ability to run a Grand Turtle round, of the slowest racers from selected competition groups.
    • Reports
      • Added the option to only print awards certificates that have an award winner specified.
    • General
      • Added a “Sample Files” option to the Main screen’s Help menu for easier finding of sample files.
      • Resizable dialog screens now remember their last size and position.
      • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.
  • New or Improved Features for Pro Users
    • Racing
      • Made it easy to rerun a select racer(s) in a particular heat, instead of rerunning the whole heat. This is only applicable when scoring by times.
    • Top Times
      • Added an option to only track one top time per racer.
    • Track Records
      • Fixed problem where, in some situations, track records were not being saved.
      • Fixed problem where Track Record Settings screen was not deleting selected track records.
    • General
      • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.

Version 20.0 Changes