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Each of the supported serial port timers will work with GrandPrix Race Manager and Derby Car Tracker for basic timing and reporting of the results, however, not all of the timers support some of the more advanced features of these software packages. Below is a matrix showing what features that each of the timers do support.

Feature Timer
Fast Track
K1, K2 and K3
NewBold Timers RaceMaster SmartLine The Champ The Judge
Send Finish Times
Reverse Lanes
Reset by Computer
Force Results  
Mask Lanes  

(Note 1)

(Note 1)

Indicate Timing Started
(K2F and K3F only)
      Depends on the model
(Note 2)
Start Gate Open Check    
Photo Finish Trigger       Depends on the model
(Note 2)
Count Down Clock
(K2, K2F, K3, and K3F only)
  Micro Wizard NewBold Products Interact MT
(Note 3)
eTekGadget Best Track New Directions

Note 1: These timers send lane results to the computer as each lane finishes, so the software will only wait for results from lanes that are in use, not any results from Bye lanes.

Note 2: Their single sided timers support this feature but their double sided timers do not.

Note 3: The manufacturer for RaceMaster timers is no longer in business.