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RaceFX Version 7.0

RaceFX™ is a sound effects player which will add excitement to the racing atmosphere of your Pinewood Derby®, Awana® Grand Prix, Space Derby®, Raingutter Regatta and other similar races. RaceFX is very easy to use and is highly customizable.

RaceFX is not just for use at races! It can be customized for any circumstance where easy triggering of sound effects is required. This software has been used at parties, fire safety demonstrations, a U.S. Navy Submarine museum, a TaeKwon Do exhibition, radio shows, theatrical plays, and more.

Key Features:


  • Lots of Sounds - Plays an almost unlimited number of sounds effects clips. You are only limited by the amount of screen space to display them.
  • Packaged Sounds - 75 different sound effects are provided free of charge with the player.
  • Customizable Sound Buttons - Any of the sound buttons can be configured to play any WAV, MID, MP3, AIF, AIFF, AU, or WMA sound files that you have. You can also replace any of the button images with BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG or WMF images of your own.
  • Playing Sounds - Play any sound effect with a click of a mouse or the use of a keyboard shortcut.
  • Hide Sounds - Individual sound buttons can be hidden to limit the player to just the sounds that you intend to use at the time.
  • Loop Sounds - Continuously play a sound clip. Sound effect will repeat until you stop it or play another sound effect.
  • Overlap Sounds - Play sound clips over the top of each other for a cool effect.
  • Customizable Shortcut Keys - Keyboard shortcuts to trigger a sound effect are configurable (with the exception of the Dashboard screen).

Sound Categories - Sound Categories are used to organize your sounds into groups.

  • Customizable Categories - Create any number of sound categories. Any number of sounds can be added to a sound category.
  • Hide Categories - Only display the sound categories that you intend to use at the time.

Dashboard - The Dashboard is a compact version of the main screen. It is fully re-sizable and customizable and can even stay on top of other programs, like our GrandPrix Race Manager™ software.

Play Lists - Tell a story with your sounds.

  • Select a list of sound effects to be played in sequence.
  • You can have the play list continuously repeat, if you wish.
  • Create as many play lists as you wish.


  • Data Files - You can create data files to store your configuration of categories and sounds. Create multiple data files, each tailored for a different purpose (e.g. one for Pinewood Derby, one for Space Derby, and one for Raingutter Regatta).
  • Remote Control - RaceFX can be used as a standalone application or in tandem with GrandPrix Race Manager (requires GrandPrix Race Manager Version 14.0 or above).
    • You can set RaceFX to play a random sound effect at the start and/or end of a heat. Select which sound category to play the sound from.
    • RaceFX and GrandPrix Race Manager can be run on the same computer or on two different networked computers.
  • Screen Background Color - You can further personalize RaceFX by changing the screen background color of the Main and Dashboard screens.
  • Adjust Volume/Balance - You have easy access to your PC's sound and balance controls to allow for quick adjustment.


A portion of the profits from this software are donated to our local Awana club. Awana® is an international organization which seeks to teach girls and boys about the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him through bible verse memorization, bible teaching, games, and other activities.

RaceFX is a trademark of Lisano Enterprises, LLC.
Awana is a registered trademark of Awana Clubs International.
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