What's New V7

What's New with Version 7.0:
Version 7.0 of DerbyDMV™ adds several new features and improvements to help in getting prepared for your race and to add fun.

  • Group and Subgroup Setup - The new Organization Structure Wizard will help users quickly setup their race groups and subgroups. Select what organization you are from (Awana, Cub Scouts, Royal Ambassadors, Royal Rangers, Trail Life, and Other), select a few options and the wizard will create the groups and subgroups for you.
  • Racer, Race Crew and Driver's Test Imports - The new Import Wizard will help users quickly import data from a CSV (comma separated values) file or racers from a GrandPrix Race Manager data file.
  • Racer and Race Crew Imports - First name and last name are no longer required when importing rosters from a CSV file. If that information is missing, a placeholder will be entered, which you can later change.
  • Migrating to a New Computer - Migration has been made easier by adding a new export and import feature for the software settings. Export the software settings file from the old computer and then import it into the new computer.
  • Racer, Race Crew and Driver's Test - Made the column sorting more intelligent. Adds in secondary sorts.
  • General
    • Fixed problem with Delete Everything feature when no data entered for Race Crew and Driver's Test.
    • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.

Version 6.0 Changes