DerbyWeb WiFi Network

I have been using DerbyWeb for some time now at the Awana races that I run for local churches.  Being able to use a tablet computer for registration, staging and the standings has been very helpful. Unfortunately, my WiFi setup had not been able to handle very many users without connection issues arising. I had been using a consumer grade WiFi router that was just not up to the task.  So, I decided to try a more enterprise grade setup.  I was really impressed with Ubiquiti network routers, switches and access points when I redid our home-business network, so I wanted to give that gear a try in this application.  Ubiquiti has quality enterprises level gear, without an enterprise level price.  There is a great collection of YouTube videos available to help get it all setup, along with a helpful user community.

Note: We are not in anyway affiliated with Ubiquiti or its dealers.  We did not receive any compensation for our article nor any discount on the gear.