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Software Settings

Setting up the software.

Subgroups are optional, so you can disable having to use them if desired.  Where subgroups come in handy is if you want to combine racers so they run in a larger group, but you still want to separate out the standings.


"Group A" has only a few racers
"Group B" has only a few racers
Combine both of these into a larger "Group AB" and create subgroups of "Subgroup A" and "Subgroup B"

A and B racers will compete together in "Group AB", but once racing is done you can look at the standings for "Subgroup A" and the standings for "Subgroup B".

Note: This only works when scoring by Times.  If scoring by Points, finish order matters, so you do NOT want to use subgroups. With times scoring, racers are really racing the clock, not the racers in the next lane.

We've found that a 10 or 15 second time delay to work well.

However, if you are using our RaceReplay software, you want the Time Delay to allow enough time for the instant replay to complete. The formula below can help you set the time delay.

Time Delay >= Replay Start Delay + (Replay Duration * Replay Speed *  Number of Replays)

Replay Start Delay is the amount of time that you want the audience to see the race results before the replay is shown.

Replay Speed needs to be factored in, especially if you are doing slow motion replays.

For Pinewood Derby style racing, the car scale typically used is 1 inch = 25 inches.

If you have more than one race group, master scheduling (Pro Version) will simply alternate which race group is currently racing.  This keeps all race groups involved, as they don not have to wait until other race groups finish racing before they get their chance.  Racers still only race others within their race group.  Master Scheduling does take into account group size.  So, a smaller race group will run fewer heats than a larger group before the schedule alternates to a different race group.

The "Group" and "Subgroup" labels are customizable. Go to the Software Settings screen and then click on the Advanced button to change either of these.

Yes, with Version 3.0 and above, you can score by points while interfacing to a timing system. You can select points scoring that in the Software Settings screen.