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Viewing, printing and exporting reports.

Yes. You can export the reports to various file formats and then post on your website.

However, there is an increasing concern about posting full names of children on the web. In the Reports Settings screen you can opt to display only the racer's first name and last initial.

Yes. In the Reports Settings screen, you can select another image or logo to be displayed.

Your new images do need to be the same dimensions, otherwise they may look out of proportion.

This issue affects Versions 7 to 15.

If you have Windows set above 100% for text scaling, that can cause this problem with the reports.  Why?  Good question.  Microsoft would have to provide the answer on that, as the software uses the Microsoft ReportViewer to generate reports.  For XP and Vista, scaling needs to be at 96 DPI, for new versions of Windows, it needs to be at 100%.

How to check your text scaling:

XP -

Vista -

7 -

8/8.1 -

10 -

With V16 and above the generation of reports had to be changed.  Now, when you go to view a report, the software will ask you to give the report a file name.  Once you do that, the software will create the report as a PDF file and then open it in whatever PDF viewer software that you have configured on your computer.  So, to print the report, it is up to the print functionality of your PDF viewer software.  Some viewers make it easy to find the Print button, but with others you do have to dig around to find where it is.