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You can try different video compressors (codecs). Windows comes with several video codecs, but you may also have other codecs that were installed along with media players or video devices. You can also find a variety of video codecs available on the Internet.

You can try out different video codecs by going to the Software Settings screen, click on the Advanced button, next to the selected video device, and then select a different video compressor. However, please note that not all codecs will be compatible with RaceReplay.

Generally, you will have to reach a compromise in video quality and size of the video clip AVI files. If you get great video quality, you are likely to have very large AVI files. If you have small AVI files, you are likely to have poor video quality.

Other limitations are your video camera and if using a video capture device. You will never get better video quality or a faster frame rate than what your hardware can support.

RaceReplay does not control video quality, frame rate, maximum video size or AVI file size. The combination of your hardware and selected video codec controls these.