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The font sizes on the audience display screens are affected by many things, such as which columns you are displaying, if displaying photos, size of the top section of the Racing screen, how much text is being displayed, screen resolution, and so on.

Here’s some things you can do to affect the font sizing:

  • If you are displaying racer photos and not all lanes are being displayed, you can go to the Software Settings screen and reduce the Max Height of racer images.
  • If the fonts are too small, then consider not displaying one or more of the columns.  Using the pop-up menu on the Racing screen, you can turn on/off Vehicle#, Custom Field (usually used for vehicle names), Scale Speed, and Image columns.
  • You can change the height of the bottom section of the Racing screen by clicking and dragging on the top border of that section and dragging it up/down, as needed.
  • You can trim or abbreviate really long racer names or car names so they don’t make the fonts too small.
  • When making a change, you may need to jog to another heat (+ button) and then jog back (- button) to see how your changes affect the font sizing.
  • Try reducing the screen resolution of your display.