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The following applies to our GrandPrix Race Manager, RaceFX, DerbyDMV, RaceReplay, and Derby Car Tracker software only:

Note: With an individual license, the software can only be transferred to a computer that will be used by that individual.  For an organizational license, the software can only be transferred to a computer that will be used by a direct representative of that organization.

  1. Copy your data, image and other files that you created from the old computer to the new one.  The default location for user files is in the Documents\Lisano Enterprises\<software product> folder.
  2. If you don't have the software serial number handy, you can retrieve it by running the software on the old computer.  Then go to the Help menu and select the About <software product> option.
  3. With some of our software packages, you can go to the Advanced Software Settings screen and click on the Export button under the Settings section.  This INI file stores all of your preferences in running the software.  Copy that INI file onto the new computer, in an easy to find location.
  4. Uninstall the software from the old computer.
  5. Install the software to the new computer.
  6. Run the software on the new computer and enter the software serial number to activate it.
  7. If you exported your settings from the old computer, go to the Advanced Software Settings screen, click on the Import button and point it at that INI settings file.

No. The new version will want to install itself to a new location, so it will not overwrite the old version or any of your data files.

This does allow you to test drive the new version without causing a problem with your old version.