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The following applies to our GrandPrix Race Manager, RaceFX, DerbyDMV, RaceReplay, and Derby Car Tracker software only:

Note: With an individual license, the software can only be transferred to a computer that will be used by that individual.  For an organizational license, the software can only be transferred to a computer that will be used by a direct representative of that organization.

  1. Copy your data, image and other files that you created from the old computer to the new one.  The default location for user files is in the Documents\Lisano Enterprises\<software product> folder.
  2. If you don't have the software serial number handy, you can retrieve it by running the software on the old computer.  Then go to the Help menu and select the About <software product> option.
  3. With some of our software packages, you can go to the Advanced Software Settings screen and click on the Export button under the Settings section.  This INI file stores all of your preferences in running the software.  Copy that INI file onto the new computer, in an easy to find location.
  4. Uninstall the software from the old computer.
  5. Install the software to the new computer.
  6. Run the software on the new computer and enter the software serial number to activate it.
  7. If you exported your settings from the old computer, go to the Advanced Software Settings screen, click on the Import button and point it at that INI settings file.

Note: This FAQ only applies to GrandPrix Race Manager, RaceFX, DerbyDMV, and RaceReplay software that is licensed to an organization.

Turnover of leaders is a reality for most of our customers.  Here's some things that you should do with your turnover to the next race coordinator for your organization, when the time comes.

  1. Turnover all software serial numbers.  These unlock all of the software's features; otherwise, the software will run in demo mode.
  2. Turnover all software media, if applicable.  If the media is lost, some versions of our software can be downloaded from our website.
  3. Turnover a copy of all data, image and report files.  Generally, these are stored in the Documents\Lisano Enterprises\<software name> folder.  For our GrandPrix Race Manager software, the Data folder also houses the files used to store track records and top times.
  4. With some versions of our software, you can go to the Advanced Software Settings screen and export the software's settings.  Those can then be imported into the software by the new race coordinator to make sure they use the same setup that you did.  Otherwise, write down any special settings used in the various setup screens of the software.  These settings are not stored in the data files listed above.
  5. Uninstall the software from any computers that it will no longer be used on.  This is to make sure that the licensing terms will be followed for the number of computers to be installed to at a given time.
  6. Turnover any hardware devices and cabling, if applicable.  If using a USB to Serial Adapter for timer communication, make sure to pass on the drivers for the adapter.
  7. If you ordered the software or an upgrade through our website, turnover the account login information.  The next race coordinator should enter their contact information into the account.  Having access to the account is really handy if a serial number is ever lost, as it can be retrieved from the account's order history.