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An update is a patch for a certain version of our software.  It includes bug fixes and minor improvements.  Updates are free.

An upgrade is jumping from an older version of the software to the latest version.  An upgrade would include new and improved features.  There is a cost to upgrade, which will vary depending on which software package you wish to upgrade.

Upgrading is completely optional, so it is up to you to decide if it is worth it to you to purchase an upgrade.  With each new version of our software we do try to make it more flexible, easier to use and more robust (eliminate known bugs and otherwise improve performance).  You can review the What's New information for the applicable software by going to the Information page for that software (Under Software Shortcuts, click on the Information link, then click on the software product and go to the What's New tab).  That will show you the changes in the newest version of the software.  You can click on the link near the bottom of that page to drill back to the previous version's changes.  You can drill back as far as you wish.

Note: Upgrade pricing is only available to those upgrading from a supported version of the software.  We only support the last 5 years of versions for each software product that we offer.  If your version is no longer available on our downloads page, then it is no longer supported.  If your version is no longer supported, you would need to purchase a new license to get the latest version of the software.

If you have purchased one of our software products and a newer version is released, you can choose to upgrade to that version for a nominal cost**. If you would like to do that, the process works like this:

  1. Purchase the upgrade from our Online Store.  Please have your old serial number handy for this step.  You can opt to download the software, get it on CD or both.
    Note: If you, personally, do not have an account on our website or have access to an account made by someone else in your organization, then just set yourself/organization up as a new customer during the checkout process.
  2. Once we have the order in our system, we will verify your eligibility to upgrade using the old serial# that you supplied.  This will happen during our normal business hours.  Hopefully, you did not wait until the last minute.wink
  3. While you are waiting for us to process your order and if you chose a download option, you can download the software from our Downloads page.  Make sure to download the Full Release, as you are moving to an entirely new version.  The software will act as a demo until you enter your new software serial number.
    Note: You do NOT need to have your old version installed in order to install the latest version.
  4. Once your upgrade eligibility is confirmed, we will complete the order.
  5. You will receive an order update email with your new software serial number.  Some email providers may dump our emails into your Spam or Junk Mail folder, so make sure to look there.  If you can flag our messages as not spam, we would appreciate it.
  6. Run the software and enter your new software serial number to activate all of the features.

** Conditions Do Apply:

  1. The old software version MUST still be supported.  If it is not available on our Downloads page, it is no longer supported.
  2. You or your organization are the software license holder.

No. When you install the new version it will install all the files that it will need.  You can even still run the older version, if you wish, as the new version will not install to the same location.

No. The new version will want to install itself to a new location, so it will not overwrite the old version or any of your data files.

This does allow you to test drive the new version without causing a problem with your old version.