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Testimonials - GrandPrix Race Manager

GrandPrix Race Manager

Race management software.

March 13, 2013
Eric Peress

I am the cub master for pack 681 based out of Basel Switzerland. Up till now we have been running our race manually, eyeballing the results and then calculating winners in an excel spreadsheet. This year decided to upgrade and invested in a track timer and your software, the Race Manager and Race Replay. Wow! What a difference it made. We received so much positive feedback from parents and leaders. And, without question this was the most enjoyable pinewood derby we have ever had. The race ran smoothly, the kids knew what was going on and were engaged the entire race, and having the instant replay up on the big screen was fantastic.

Without a doubt, this was the best investment we have ever made as a pack. Thank you so much.


Eric Peress
Pack 681
Basel, Switzerland
September 4, 2012
Philip Hamilton
Best race and the most fun our district ever had.

Our district tried all kinds of race systems, we even tried reinventing the wheel with our own software creations...

Nothing matches the fun we had with GrandPrix Race Manager.

We ran five or six heats of three and then I switched to auto and let the youth members on stage continue by themselves... The race was over in 1.5 hours and there were no issues.

The scouting youth appeared to be doing it all by themselves... because they were actually on their own. They were the perfect picture of fun.

Fun for all, easy to setup and manage, buy a guarantied memory maker, GrandPrix Race Manager gets my 100% endorsement.

Can't say more except, Thanks for a great event!

Philip Hamilton
Montreal West Island Area
Saint-laurent, Quebec Canada
April 1, 2012
William J. Shelp

Just want to let you know that my Pack finished its Pinewood Derby using the Grand Prix Software for the first time yesterday. And I must say it went off without a glitch. Your software has proven to be the best investment that our unit has ever made for our Derby events. I would highly recommend it to all units that are considering buying software for their tracks and computer interface. It is great.

Thank you,

William J. Shelp
Pack 557
Shinglehouse, PA
March 12, 2012
David Scott
Ran the derby this weekend and I have to say that GPRM worked flawlessly! Just to provide a bit of background, I'm a software developer myself and had previously used my own custom excel spreadsheet to run the race, but as this was to be my last year as PWD chair, I felt the need to hand-off something that didn't require any "customer support" from me. :) I'm generally VERY particular about software, so after trying several other packages (which will remain nameless), I was a bit concerned when I downloaded GPRM.

Well, everyone commented on how well the race went. I went straight to trophy rounds for the Cubs except for the 25 Tigers, which I ran down to 7, and then did a second round for Tiger trophies. This was followed by an open division that was just walk-up and sign-in, so I created the group on the fly (again:easy) and ran them. Then, I jumped back to my cubs and created a grand finals round and ran that. All-in-all, a fantastic program.

And since my oldest son won 1st place in the Pack, I was glad that I was using something "official" in order to remove any appearance of bias.

Thanks, Randy!

David Scott
Pack 688
Atlanta, GA
January 19, 2012
Jim O'Shell

We had three of our Den races last night and everything worked GREAT!!! The hands free operation worked great, the racer photos on the current heat screen was a big hit (except for the ones we mixed up due to adding them at the last minute), the automatic tie breaker rules were awesome (in the past we always had to run tie breaker heats), the large display was a HUGE difference from our old program, etc, etc, etc. Once we get better acquainted with navigating between the screens we'll be golden.

Thanks again,

Jim O'Shell
Pack 65
Hershey, PA
June 11, 2011
John Volf
Hi! I just wanted to say I love your software! It's awesome! Makes my job a lot easier. Also, right in the middle of our races we blew a circuit and everything went black, but when we got power back and the computer turned back on, the program picked up right where it left off, it didn't miss a beat. Great job!

John Volf
Pack 157
Longmont, CO
April 19, 2011
Floyd Gibson
We used version 10 for our race night. We had 24 racers registered out of 35 possible. The software worked very well and the Perfect N Type was the used. Each boy raced a minimum of 3 times. All participants and viewers enjoyed themselves. Everyone was enthusiastic and impressed on how well the software worked. We used to use double elimination manually prior the grandprix race manager, and upgrading to Grandprix made the race experience more pleasurable. Thank you for the software development.

Floyd Gibson
Sunrise Community Church
Fair Oaks, CA
April 7, 2011
Steve Berry
The Grand Prix Race Management software is an awesome tool. I only wished we would have purchased this years ago. In previous years, our races would last 4-5 hours by scoring manually on an Excel spreadsheet. This year with the implementation of the GPRM software, we completed our race with 55 cars in about 2 hours!! The derby race was awesome and everyone stayed engaged throughout the entire experience. Everyone really enjoyed the instant heat results displaying the times and scale speeds. I would highly recommend the GPRM package for all Cub Scout Derby races!!

Steve Berry
Pack 1640
Livonia, MI
November 22, 2010
Shawn Norris

The software worked great! The only problem we had was when we plugged in the serial to usb adapter we had to download drivers to make it work. We set it up at home to get a feel for it and everything worked great. Last year with the old track and 15 year old software they were ready to burn us at the stake and this year we had people compliment and thank us for a smooth running derby. It actually ran too good because they didn't have time to sell any food! Thanks for your great product and support!

Shawn Norris
Pack 714
Milford, CT
September 4, 2010
Chris Saben
Our Pack raised the funds to purchase a new 6 lane track and timer. We switched to your software and was rewarded with the most efficiently run race in our history. We managed to complete the race in 2 hours, and our boys had a great time. We recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from our parents.

Chris Saben
Pack 1459
Chantilly, VA
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