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Testimonials - GrandPrix Race Manager

GrandPrix Race Manager

Race management software.

March 20, 2010
Neil McGuinness
Hello Randy:

We ran our Pack Races today with your Grand Prix software (we also used the FX package). What a hit !!! We ran 53 cars in two separate groups. All had a great time and all the boys remained interested down to the end. (In the past, we used an elimination type program where 3/4 of the boys lost interest after being eliminated). The races ran very smoothly and the software was straight forward and easy to understand and use. It also kept us on our schedule. We had a blast. We also really jazzed up the race with the sound program --- we got lots of laughs. I am thoroughly impressed with your products. I also thank you for the tips you gave us.

Best Regards,

Neil McGuinness
Pack 305
Miami Shores, FL
February 25, 2010
Chuck Carvey

Thank you VERY much for your help with our order yesterday. I logged onto your site to see if there was an update for my Race Manager software (version 5). When I saw that you were up to version 9, I immediately ordered the upgraded version. Unfortunately, our race was last night – a pretty tight timeframe! I really appreciate the extra effort you showed by getting me the serial number BEFORE our Grand Prix. Version 9 rocks! We were able to run 55 racers four separate times within an hour; and that was only half the field – the older group ran on a separate track (also using Race Manager) on the other side of the gym.

We had absolutely no software mishaps, even though this was the first time we had used version 9. You have put out an excellent product – thanks!

Chuck Carvey
Foothills Fellowship Baptist Church
Littleton, CO
February 20, 2010
Ron Kitchen
This is the third year that we have used your software. Every year I plan on letting you know how fantastic your software is. Well, this year I am. We increased the number of races this year because the race runs so efficiently. The graphics, sounds, awards, etc are all top notch. Thanks for another fantastic year!

Ron Kitchen
First Baptist Church
Wixom, MI
February 15, 2010
Dan Lazzaro
Hi Randy,

Just wanted to drop you a message that the Grand Prix Race Manager v9 software in conjunction with the SmartLine timer worked flawlessly. With the 'hands-free' and 'auto heat advance' I literally had to touch the laptop twice during the race. Once was because the start gate has not been reset and the other was to re-run a heat when a car fell off the track. I received several good comments after the race and since it was so easy to run, I am contemplating setting up another race.

I also work in programming and look for feedback to make my programs better. I am struggling to come up with a way to improve your software, but wanted to try to offer something up. When I was starting to test the software with the track initially, I went to delete the track top times and track records. The natural tendency was to click on Options > Delete but the Top Times and Track Records are not there. After a while I found that I could clear that data under the Options > Setup Options section. I am not sure that this suggestion is worthy of a change, but wanted to throw it out there.

Another possible item is that when the software tries to advance to the next heat and the starting gate has not been reset, it pops a warning message. I am not sure if the starting gate sends any signal to the software when it is reset, but if it does, maybe that warning message could go away automatically when the start gate has been reset. Or if it does not, maybe the warning message can be turned into a 'wait' message. Something like 'Waiting for start gate to be reset' and have the software attempt to ready the timer and advance to the next heat after 5 seconds. If start gate has not been reset yet, then repeat the cycle three times unless someone escapes out of the sequence if there is a major problem. The message could be large enough that it can be easily seen on the projection screen so the starter gets the hint to reset the gate.

I am looking forward to using the software and timer at our Webster Challenge in April which is the top six finishers from all packs in our area. People are sure to be amazed with it. Please feel free to use any portion of this email for your website.

Fantastic job on the software and thank you for your work.

Take care,

Dan Lazzaro
Pack 112
Webster, NY
February 12, 2010
Nick Petras

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that we had our derby last Friday and everything went really well.

GPRM is a great program (and a great value) and your support is terrific.

I'm sure I'll be responsible for the computer next year and you'll hear from me then.

Again, thanks.


Nick Petras
Pack 101
Manhasset, NY
January 5, 2010
Garry Stackhouse
I just wanted to thank you all for this software. We have been able to put on a Grand Prix for 5 wonderful years and have not had an issue with it yet! The information is very manageable and your annual updates for $10 are a wonderful addition to the investment in the software. Thank you for all the good work, we could not do our outreach without you! We are growing every year and last year we ran over 200 racers in about 2.5 hours because of your software. We race single-best time and our racers love the fact that they can see to the 10,000th of a second. The reporting is top notch and we really appreciate the effort to make this very usable. Keep up the good work!!

Garry Stackhouse
Stonebriar Community Church
Frisco, TX
March 30, 2009
Henry Jones
We just run our race this past Saturday, 3/28/2009. Since I did not have a chance to order the new version at least a couple of weeks in advance of the race, I waited until after the race to do the upgrade. The race went perfectly as it has for the past four years that I have been using the software and an electronic finish line. (The Judge) I really appreciate how using the combination has removed all "controversy" from any concerned parents. The kids always have a great time, and now, so do the parents.

Henry Jones
Awana Commander
Calvary Baptist Church
Anaheim, CA
March 8, 2009
Chuck Woods

This is just a quick note to let you know that this year's AWANA GrandPrix race went off without a hitch! Over the past few years I've helped administer the race between two churches. If the second church runs their race, I'll do it this Spring as well.

Thanks for your continued efforts in keeping this software up to date. It makes administering the race a wonderful thing to do.

With warmest regards,

Chuck Woods
Westchester Evangelical Free Church
Des Moines, IA

2 Samuel 17:10
February 24, 2009
James Appling
I think that Grand Prix is the best software to manage a derby. I have been around scouting for 37 years and I am very pleased with the software. It takes the guessing out of the mix.

I was first exposed to GP last year when I volunteered to run our Districts PWD. I had never ran a derby before and the first thing I did was start researching how to handle 150+ racers in a 6 hour time frame. I downloaded the free trial of multiple software and tried them out in a test race and decided on Grand Prix.

I bought and paid for it on the Friday Night before the race and emailed and called and the folks at GP were nice enough to get me the license key via email the next morning. I had 157 racers that day and the race went off without a hitch. The Race was held at the Largest indoor mall in the City of Memphis what great publicity for BSA.

This years race which I am hosting will be held at the mall again and we have almost 200 racers signed up for the event.

I would highly recommend Grand Prix Software. I used a 6 Lane Best Track and Timer with it last year but because of the increase in numbers I am using a 4 lane Best Track and Timer this year.

James Appling
Eastern District, Chickasaw Council
Memphis, TN
Eagle Scout
February 2, 2009
Scott Shepard

I just wanted to say thanks. The software worked flawlessly, and we received many compliments on how well managed the derby went. Last year with 45 scouts and double elimination it took 6.5 hours of racing. This year with 54 scouts it took 3.5 hours, including a break to have some ice cream. I really like PPN schedule method as more scouts won a heat, so in the end no one was quite sure how they placed . . . in other words it was 1st-3rd and then everyone else was 4th.

Below are a couple of pictures. You will notice that on the second picture some of the scouts would rather see the time show up on the big screen instead of seeing their car run. Not sure if this is good or bad for a scout to be watching a screen versus the actual event happening, but it means the software presentation was great!

Scott Shepard
Pack 152
Lake In The Hills, IL
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