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Testimonials - GrandPrix Race Manager

GrandPrix Race Manager

Race management software.

January 23, 2009
Eric Larson
We just completed out annual Pinewood Derby using your software....simply AMAZING! This program made the heats fly by and the kids loved it. In previous years using older software and point based elimination rounds it would take almost 4-1/2 hours to finish the Derby - parents and kids were fried and at their wits end. Using your software we were able to estimate it would take 2:20 to complete everything including additional sibling and adult races. It took 2:30 hours to complete everything, WITH BREAKS in between each den! Simply amazing! The kids had a blast and the parents couldn't believe how much better things went! THANK YOU!!!

Eric Larson
Cubmaster, Pack 196
Perkasie, PA
April 30, 2008
Mike Bailey
Ran our derby tonight and I was really pleased with the performance of the software. Everybody loved the way it ran the derby, and using it in Dynamic mode, 75% of the racers got a first place finish! Happy kids, happy parents, and a happy race runner.

Yours in Scouting

Mike Bailey
Pack 55
Everett, WA
March 21, 2008
Phil Magnusson

I wanted to let you know that we recently ran our Pack pinewood derby races. Thanks in large part to your program - and someone other than me running it - the races went off without a hitch. In fact several parents came up to me after the race profusely complementing us on the best run races they've ever seen. So thanks for all your hard work on keeping your software up to date and fixing any bugs. Just know it's appreciated and making a fun day even more enjoyable.

We will be hosting the district races in early May and I have not doubt that they will also go well.

Best regards,

Phil Magnusson
Pack 99
Fairfield, CT
March 11, 2008
Brad Withrow
You guys are the greatest. I am not sure how many at-a-boys you get but I just wanted you to know that version 7 of your software is great. I think the layout is much better than v6. I also had an issue with my computer syncing up with the timer. Five minutes on the phone with tech support and you found out my port conflict. Thank you so much for making our derby so fun and fast. 51 heats including the finals in 1:23 min.

I would recommend your software to anyone who would listen to me.

Thanks again for standing behind your great product,

Pastor Brad Withrow
Gladwin Assembly of God
Gladwin, MI
March 8, 2008
Kevin Minard
Our Pack used your software tonight for our Derby and it worked extremely well. I was a bit nervous since I just downloaded it at 1:00pm today and licensed it just before 3:00pm for our Derby that started at 6:00pm. I had results to our Pack leader within 5 minutes of finishing Round 1. We were able to set up a final round for our top 6 cars within minutes. Someone commented that this was the first Derby that they had attended where no software issues interrupted the Derby.

Thanks again!

Kevin Minard
Pack 186
Dillon, CO
February 11, 2008
Jay Takashima
Comments: We held our Pinewood Derby on 2/9/2008. It proved to be the most exciting derby in Pack 841 history. This could not have been possible without this software. We used the top 3 times from each racer to determine the winners from each rank. The top three cumulative times were easily advanced to a Grand Finals round.

The Fast Track timer captures times to 1/1000 of a second. The Grand Finals actually had a tie for 1st place. Both racers had a cumulative time of 7.850 seconds. This was nothing short of amazing. The pack decided to run a single Sudden Death race. The winning time was 2.606 seconds. The second place time was 2.615 seconds. Both scouts showed great sportsmanship and we couldn't have asked for a better end to our 2008 Pinewood Derby.

Once again there is no possible way we could have done this without the GrandPrix Race Manager software.

Thanks to you and your team!

Yours in scouting,

Jay Takashima
Pack 841
Beaverton, OR
February 5, 2008
Phil Pierson
To the folks at Lisano [Enterprises],

THANK YOU! The everything was perfect. By the way, I'm very impressed with the latest version of GrandPrix. I've used v4 the last couple years and this is much easier to use and had an improved user interface.

Thanks for all the hard work. This is the third year I've been doing this and it was by far the best. Our derby came off without a hitch, thanks in large part to the software being stable and easy to use. That made for a lot of happy Cub Scouts and their parents.

Thanks again!

Phil Pierson
Webelos 2 leader & webmaster
Pack 638
Acworth, GA
February 3, 2008
Al Hansen

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciated your help (phone support) this last Friday night. If you had not answered the phone and spent the time with me to figure out our problem we would never had our derby. I had parents looking over my shoulder with nervous anxiety just watching to see if I was going to make this work. I am no longer part of cub scouts, but offered to come back and help with the derby. You help, helped me save face with these parents and young scouts. I know you probably wanted to go home instead of picking up the phone, but that fact you picked up the phone and worked with me for over an hour till we solved the problem shows me that you have a commitment to your customers. I was very quick to give you and your company all the credit the next day when parents were thanking me for fixing the problem.

The derby went off without a hitch and your software worked flawlessly. Everyone was impressed with the efficiency of the track, timer and race software.

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!

P.S. While it was fresh in our minds we were sure to document the problems we had as well as your solution. We even to so far as to put the program on a parents lap top who will be involved with future pinewood derby's. We tested it to be sure all was fine. We should be in good shape for next years race!

Al Hansen
Troop 101 Scoutmaster
Shelby, NC
January 19, 2008
James R. Modrall
Dear Randy,

I wanted to thank you for your prompt advice and help yesterday. Our derby today went like clockwork, thanks to the excellent performance of your software.

Thanks again!


James R. Modrall
Pack 194
Overijse, Belgium
April 4, 2007
Bob Babcock

I just wanted to thank you for some brilliant software. Our Race Commissioner and the Pack committee are so grateful that we FINALLY decided to invest in it. What a difference! The race went on without a hitch and the time to run the event improved dramatically. We had 69 scouts (a 88.5% Pack turnout!) that participated - racing in their rank divisions and the final Pack run off - plus we allow siblings and the adults to race in an informal competition after the main event. In previous years, this meant a lot of head-scratching to determine heats, lane placements and statistical evaluations. With the 'Grand Prix' software, that all fell into place and saved mountains of time plus kept the scouts and the adults engaged in the excitement of the event - complimented by the wonderful graphics the software supplied! Again, please thank your staff for a great tool that I highly recommend for all Pinewood Derby events!

Have a great day and God Bless!


Bob Babcock
Pack 271 Cubmaster - St. Michael the Archangel
Livonia, MI
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