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Testimonials - GrandPrix Race Manager

GrandPrix Race Manager

Race management software.

March 21, 2007
David Tlachac
This program worked great, I downloaded the program to the pack's laptop and plugged the timer into the computer, and without any difficulty the program and the Fast Track timer worked perfectly. The race was a lot of fun, and all the parents enjoyed seeing the race results immediately on the wall, (we were using a projector for everyone to see). I was wondering how many computers can I install this program, I would like to have it on the laptop for the race and my home computer to print and store the files.


David Tlachac
Luxemburg Cub Scout Pack 4042
Luxemburg, WI
March 21, 2007
John Gaither
Thanks for developing such a great software system! We ran 31 heats in just under an hour last night. Everyone now has all of the Race Reports in their Email boxes. Sure took the guesswork out of the administrative duties. Looking forward to adding a couple new bells and whistles next year! I don't know why anyone would try to run a race without letting the software take the work out of the equation!. Everyone had FUN!

John Gaither
Pack 92
Indianapolis, IN
February 27, 2007
Doug Sydow
I just wanted to let you know how our race went last night. It was fantastic!! Your software was so easy to use. The hardest part was registration simply because I couldn't enter their names fast enough! I especially enjoyed the hands free timer. I was able to start the first heat and literally walk away from the computer. It ran itself!! It freed me to move around the room and interact with the scouts more. The other dads enjoyed the reports I was able to print out to compare times and heat results. Thank you for a wonderful product. I highly recommend this software to anyone wanting to do less work at the race and enjoy it more.

Doug Sydow
Cubmaster Pack 215
Sandborn, IN
February 19, 2007
Al Hansen
Flawless!! That is how I would describe our pinewood derby since buying your software. Connected to a Fast Track timer/laser starting gate and a Best Track we ran a flawless derby. No complaints from parents or scouts and total jubilation from the derby staff and coordinator (me). I sure wish we had upgraded years ago!


Al Hansen
Pack 101 - First Baptist Church
Shelby, NC
January 22, 2007
Tracy Terrell
I just want to report that we had the best Pinewood Derby ever due to your excellent GrandPrix Race Manager software! We have a LOT of cub scouts, so running an efficient derby each year gets progressively harder. This year, we ran twice as many heats per car as last year, with more total participants, and we finished an hour early! Over 130 heats in 3 hrs! Excellent job!

Tracy Terrell
Pack 525
Houston, TX
January 16, 2007
Jose Ortiz
We had our 2007 PWD on Jan 13. It really was a complete success. I really want to thank you for a product that is light years ahead of the competition.

Jose Ortiz
Pack 610
Valrico, FL
January 15, 2007
Randy - We just had our Pinewood Derby on Saturday with our new track, timer, and software. Everything worked wonderfully!


Assistant Cub Master
Cub Pack 329
Dayton, MN
September 25, 2006
Frank Broughton

Thanks for making this great software tool for the Pinewood Derby folks. Our race went great over the weekend. The software was perfect. We had three kids show up late (well their parents haha) and it was very easy to add them in at the last minute and regenerate a new race schedule. Was nice to manually pick some Finalists too as I ran a couple of my cars from last year as fill in (they are STILL fast) they made it to the finals but we removed them - nice feature!

Frank Broughton
Faith Bible Baptist Church
Eden, NY
April 16, 2006
Lance Kasari
Wow, what a great piece of software! We had a great race and everyone really enjoyed seeing the times up on the big screen. I worked with a friend to write our own software last year using VBA for Access. We put in an hour here and an hour there and came up with something that worked - sort of - but boy was it incomplete compared to your package. I wish I had done the web search last year to find your software and saved myself the pain. I also wish I could find some suggestion to give you, but it did everything we could want. You obviously have spent a lot of time thinking through all the details. Exporting the reports to post on the web was an added bonus. Thanks a bunch!!

Lance Kasari
New Hope Church
Bend, OR
April 15, 2006
Bob Orre
We held our Pinewood Derby on April 1st using your software, a Fast Track timer and a new track that I built. We completed 38 heats in less than an hour. I then used the software to do the awards presentation. Wow, what a difference from the previous year. Everything worked great. The scout parents were impressed!

However, I really need to relay another event....

A week later the district held their race. 77 boys were entered. The race organizers hired someone to run their race. The individual who was supposed to run the race brought their track and had a competitors software and timing system. For whatever reason, they could not get the timer and software to work.

About 35 minutes after the race was supposed to start, I received a call at home from a friend who's son was in the race. All he said was, "we need you here now!" Fortunately, I had not put anything away from the previous week. I loaded the track in my van and headed over. Fortunately, I'm within a 10 minute drive.

I quickly setup a Group and Subgroup for the District race. While I was helping organize the track setup, I had one of the Den mom's enter the 77 boys into Grandprix Software Mgr. We started running the race within 40 minutes of me arriving. We finished the race (lane rotation) in 69 minutes - gotta be a record! We received a standing ovation!

The point? Grandprix Race Manager is very easy to use. The people that watched me run the races were pretty impressed with how well it worked. Had the individuals running the district race been able to download a CSV file and burn a CD with the race participants, I could easily have been running the district race in less than 30 minutes after arriving. However, their software did not have this feature.

Sorry for the long note, but I thought these events were pretty cool!

Bob Orre
2006 Pinewood Derby Chairperson
St. Alphonsus - Pack 318
New Munster, WI
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