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Testimonials - DerbyWeb


GrandPrix Race Manager add-on to provide WiFi access to select race data.

March 8, 2016
Ryan Webb
Comments: Tried out the DerbyWeb Software this weekend. Hosted our pack Saturday and our district race on Sunday. DerbyWeb was a huge asset to our operation. We had 2 tablets with keyboards attached doing live registration of racers simultaneously, another at the inspection station marking them as "passed", and several tablets giving live updates during the race to our various officials. Updates to the screens seemed instant. The installation was the most challenging of any of your software that we have used, but I have an I.T. background that got me through it. The installation instructions were fairly well laid out. It performed nearly flawlessly. I did not figure out how to use the 'spectator' portion of it until after the race. We will try that next year. I am extremely impressed with the incredible functionality of all of your software!

Ryan Webb
Pack 3169
Auburn, IN