Competitor Comparison

Below is a comparison of the three most popular race management software packages. Decide for yourself, based on the features that you want, which software package will work best for your race.

Features Software Package
GrandPrix Race Manager DerbyMaster
Version# 16.0 8.1
Number of Lanes Supported 1 to 8 1 to 24
Configure to race Cars, Semi Trucks, Rockets or Boats
Serial Timers Supported Fast Track
NewBold Timers
The Champ
The Judge
Other Serial Timers (Note 1)
Fast Track
NewBold Timers
The Champ
The Judge
Solenoid Start Support
(Note 2)

(Note 2)
Light Tree Support
(Note 3)

(Note 3)
Operating Systems Supported

Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10

(Mac OS X version coming soon)

Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7, 8/8.1, and 10
Customize to Your Organization
Assign Your Own Car Numbers
Race Methods Supported Perfect-N Series
Lane Rotation (Normal, Phase Shifted, Modified & Clustered)
Dynamic (Note 4)
Stearns (Note 5)
Chaotic-Rotation (Note 5)
Round Robin (Note 5)
Custom (Note 5)
No Chart (Ad hoc) Racing
Lane Rotation
Single Elimination
Double Elimination
Race Schemes Supported Top finishers from a racing group can be advanced to a succeeding round, if desired. Unlimited number of rounds.

Top finishers overall or from each race group can be raced in a Grand Finals round, if desired.
Multiple rounds
Race Scoring Cumulative, Average or Single Fastest Times - Auto or Manual
Worst times can even be ignored!

Cumulative Points - Auto or Manual
Cumulative or Average Times - Auto or Manual (Note 6)

Cumulative Points - Manual
Run Tie Breakers
(Note 7)
Design and Special Awards
Unlimited number

Up to 50
Participation Certificates
Large Screen Displays Roster
Race Results
On Deck Racers
Top Times
Final Standings
Intermission Timer
Race Results
Final Standings
Lane and Car Statistics
Interfaces with Video Replay Software
(Note 8)
Interfaces with Sound Effects Software
(Note 9)
Display Racer Photos

(Note 10)

Demo Version Available
Cost $54.99 Lite / $74.99 Pro $49.95



# Software Note
1 GPRM Many other serial timers can be supported as long as you can find out the settings to communicate with the timer and what software commands the timer will accept, if any. Pro Version only.
2 GPRM and DM Supports a solenoid start using a trigger signal from the serial port (pins 4 or 7). Supports solenoid start with a serial timer that will accept a software command to trigger the solenoid.
3 GPRM and DM Supports a light tree that can take a single "kick-off" signal via the serial port (pin 4 or 7).
4 GPRM With Dynamic scheduling, racers are matched based on performance in earlier heats. This method maximizes the number of racers to win at least one heat and also leads to closer races for racers at all levels of performance.
5 GPRM Perfect-N Type, Lane Rotation and Dynamic schedulers are built into the software. In the Pro Version, other types of charts can be imported or input manually, as long as they will fit into a grid of lanes versus heats.
6 DM Will only allow times scoring if a supported timer is being used.
7 GPRM You can run head-to-head tie breakers, but you also have the option of applying a set of tie breaker rules so you may not have to do a run off. Tie breaker rules are only available in the Pro Version.
8 GPRM Can interface to RaceReplay video instant replay software for the recording and replay of video for each heat. Pro Version only. More information...
9 GPRM Can interface to RaceFX sound effects software for the automated playing of sound effects during the race and awards ceremony. Pro Version only. More information...
10 GPRM Photos of each racer or their car can be displayed as each heat is run. The photos can also be printed on the awards certificates. Pro Version only.