What's New

Upgrade Policy: Upgrade Now

Registered users of Versions 5 and above of this software are eligible to purchase the upgrade. Anyone purchasing an earlier version of this software within 90 days of the newest version being released can contact us for a free upgrade.

What's New with Version 7.0:

  • Main Screen
    • Added a Recent Files option to the Data File drop-down button.
    • Changed the Settings button to be a drop-down list for access to the software and dashboard settings
  • Software Settings
    • For category entry, added support for BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WMF files, instead of just ICO files.
    • For sounds entry, the first two columns were swapped to make data entry more logical.
    • Added the ability to delete multiple rows for categories and sounds.
    • Improved image processing for sound images.
    • Improved screen load time, by not pre-loading all of the defined sound categories. The sound categories can be opened as needed.
    • Added "Category List" and "Category" buttons to the button bar, for easier access.
  • Advanced Software Settings - Allow users multiple setting files they can switch between. Updated existing Export settings to allow for file naming.
  • Remote Interface
  • General
    • Added support for the use of a presentation remote to play random or specific sounds. Each remote button can be configured in the Advanced Software Settings screen.
    • Several other less notable improvements were implemented.

Version 6.0 Changes