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What's New with Version 7.0:

  • Main Screen
    • Added a Recent Files option to the Data File drop-down button.
    • Changed the Settings button to be a drop-down list for access to the software and dashboard settings
  • Software Settings
    • For category entry, added support for BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WMF files, instead of just ICO files.
    • For sounds entry, the first two columns were swapped to make data entry more logical.
    • Added the ability to delete multiple rows for categories and sounds.
    • Improved image processing for sound images.
    • Improved screen load time, by not pre-loading all of the defined sound categories. The sound categories can be opened as needed.
    • Added "Category List" and "Category" buttons to the button bar, for easier access.
  • Advanced Software Settings - Allow users multiple setting files they can switch between. Updated existing Export settings to allow for file naming.
  • Remote Interface
  • General
    • Added support for the use of a presentation remote to play random or specific sounds. Each remote button can be configured in the Advanced Software Settings screen.
    • Several other less notable improvements were implemented.