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Driver's License and Pit Pass software questions.

The photos can really be any size from 131x168 pixels to anything larger. The software will scale them to fit the allotted space on the drivers license, while keeping the same image proportions.

Generally, 480x640 is a good size. You don't want the photos to be really large as it will take longer to load the images into the registration tab and the drivers license report.

You can use Avery template 5390, 5392 or equivalent. The 5390 template passes will be 3-1/2" x 2.25" in size and will print 8 to a page. The 5392 template passes will be 3" x 4" in size and will print 6 to a page. You can print these in portrait or landscape mode.

You can use any business card paper (Avery template 8371 or equivalent). Each card should be 2" x 3-1/2" and come 10 to a sheet.

No problem. Any racer or race crew without a photo will have the default image displayed for them.

You can use the supplied default image or one of your own.

The Reports Settings screen allows you to adjust the page margins for these reports.

So you don't waste the relatively expensive card paper, do a test print on regular paper. Visually compare the printout to the card paper and adjust the page margins as necessary.

Maybe you moved, deleted or renamed the image file. You can either restore the image back to the previous location or you can reselect the image where it currently resides.

That will depend on your camera.

Starting with Version 2.0, you can directly capture snapshots from a webcam or video camera. In the case of a video camera, you may also need to use a video capture device.

Otherwise, you will need to copy the photos from the camera to someplace on your computer in order for the software to find them. You can generally do this via a USB cable supplied with the camera or using a memory card (assuming your computer has a memory card reader).

Yes. You can use any of the supplied background images or one of your own. The background image can be changed in the respective settings screen.

If you have Windows set above 100% for text scaling, that can cause this problem with the reports.  Why?  Good question.  Microsoft would have to provide the answer on that, as the software uses the Microsoft ReportViewer to generate reports.  For XP and Vista, scaling needs to be at 96 DPI, for new versions of Windows, it needs to be at 100% (or at least to the recommended percentage).

How to check your text scaling:

XP -

Vista -

7 -

8/8.1 -

10 -