There are several ways to determine what version of our software that you are running.  By far, the easiest way to find the software version number for any of our software apps is to run the software and look at the lower right hand corner of the main screen.  You can also go to the Help menu and select About <software product name>. 

If you cannot get the software to run, then look to your operating system's list of programs.  You can at least determine the major version number of the software.

An example of a version number is 21.0.907.15.  The 21 is the major version number.  The 0 is the minor version number.  The 907 is the date that the major version was released, in this case September 7.  The 15 is the update number.

Your software serial# will also let you know at least what the major version number is for the software.  The first group of characters for the serial# consist of the software product code along with the major version number.

For example, RCFX8 is for RaceFX Version 8.  Things are slightly different for GrandPrix Race Manager, as there are Pro and Lite editions.  GPRM21 is for GrandPrix Race Manger Pro Version 21 and GPRL21 is for GrandPrix Race Manager Lite Version 21.