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Which message are you getting when you try to save the serial number?

  • The serial number entered is not for this version of the software. - Serial numbers will only work in the version of the software that they are intended for.  You cannot enter an older version's serial number in the newest version of the software.  You would need to purchase the upgrade first and we would provide you with a new serial number.
  • It does not appear that this serial number is for this product. - Serial numbers will only work in the specific product that they were intended for. The first 4 letters of the serial number identify the software product the serial number is intended for (GPRM = GrandPrix Race Manager, RCFX = RaceFX, DDMV = DerbyDMV, RCRP = RaceReplay, and DCTR = Derby Car Tracker).
  • The serial number entered is invalid. - You are likely just mistyping the serial number.  If the serial number was passed on to you, maybe it was copied down incorrectly.

Other issues:

  • All of the serial number will not fit in the boxes on the form. - First, make sure that you are not entering the dashes (hyphens). Otherwise, you could be entering a serial number that does not belong to that version of the software.
  • Make sure that you are not connected to a work network when you install the software or try to enter the software serial number.