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First, why are you needing to retrieve a serial number?  Is it so you can order an upgrade to a newer version of the software?  If so, just go ahead and place the upgrade order and in the box for Old Serial#, put the name for the last point of contact or your organization name and location (for Cub Scout Packs, include the Pack#, Troop# for Boy Scout Troops, etc.).  We'll contact you if we cannot find you or your organization in our records.

Otherwise, here's some things that you can try:

  • If the software is still installed on the last computer that it was used on, you can retrieve the serial number from the software itself. Go to the Help menu and select the "About <software name>" option.
  • If you (not someone else) purchased the software originally from our website or purchased an upgrade, you can retrieve the serial number(s) through the website using the following steps:
    1. Click on the "Login" link on the navigation menu on the top of the website and log in.  That should take you to the My Account page, where you will see your order(s) listed (newest to oldest).
    2. For instant delivery software orders, you can click on "Instant Delivery Serial#'s" and you will find your serial#(s) there.
    3. For normal software orders, click on the "Actions" button for the desired order.
    4. Select "Order Details".
    5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Down in the "Additional Information" section, for a completed order, you will see your serial number(s) for the software that was ordered, under "Admin Comments".  This assumes that we have already processed your order.
  • If someone else purchased the software or upgrade through our website, you can get the account log in information from them and go through the above steps.  Due to privacy concerns, we cannot give you access to an account created by someone else.
  • If the software was purchased from one of our dealers, then hopefully you (or someone in your organization) had registered the serial number with us. If so, you can use the Lost Software Serial Number Form to seek further assistance.
  • If all else fails, you can use the Lost Software Serial Number Form to seek further assistance.

Note: If the software was purchased from one of our software dealers and the software serial number was never registered with us, then you will need to provide proof of purchase in order for us to help you.

Which message are you getting when you try to save the serial number?

  • The serial number entered is not for this version of the software. - Serial numbers will only work in the version of the software that they are intended for.  You cannot enter an older version's serial number in the newest version of the software.  You would need to purchase the upgrade first and we would provide you with a new serial number.
  • It does not appear that this serial number is for this product. - Serial numbers will only work in the specific product that they were intended for. The first 4 letters of the serial number identify the software product the serial number is intended for (GPRM = GrandPrix Race Manager, RCFX = RaceFX, DDMV = DerbyDMV, RCRP = RaceReplay, and DCTR = Derby Car Tracker).
  • The serial number entered is invalid. - You are likely just mistyping the serial number.  If the serial number was passed on to you, maybe it was copied down incorrectly.

Other issues:

  • All of the serial number will not fit in the boxes on the form. - First, make sure that you are not entering the dashes (hyphens). Otherwise, you could be entering a serial number that does not belong to that version of the software.
  • Make sure that you are not connected to a work network when you install the software or try to enter the software serial number.