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Car Design Templates

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Our handy car design template set is great for construction workshops for Cub Scouts® Pinewood Derby®, Awana® Grand Prix and other similar races. When kids are not sure what they want to build, they can find a design they like and use that as their starting point.

For years, we had been using paper templates at all of the Awana club and Cub Scout pack workshops that we had hosted. These acrylic cutouts are far easier to use. No having to make copies. No having to cut the template out with scissors. No waste of paper. Reuse year after year.

Product Features:

  • 15 cool designs included in the set.
  • Made from durable acrylic, for years of use.
  • Easy to use. Just hold the template onto the side of the block and trace around the outer edge to transfer the design.
  • Relative axle locations are indicated on each template, to help racers use the correct end of the block as the rear of the car. This helps achieve better steering stability and center of gravity placement closer to the rear axles (for maximizing potential energy).

Note: Wood blocks not included (of course).


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