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What's New with Version 4.0:

Version 4.0 of RaceReplay adds several new features and improvements to make video recording and replay easier and more flexible.

  • Supports More Video Cameras - Support was added for HD video cameras that use H.264 compression on the live video stream.
  • Replays and Playback - Re-engineered the playback interface to allow activity in other programs while a full screen replay or playback is running, without affecting the full screen mode.
  • Remote Control - When controlling the recording and replay from the same computer with GrandPrix Race Manager, the focus will be given back to GrandPrix Race Manager when the replay sequence completes.
  • Controls Screen - Added the ability to hide the statusbar and trackbar.
  • Advanced Video Settings - Changed the blank video compressor filter to be shown as "(None)", for clarity sake.
  • Advanced Software Settings
    • Migration to a new computer has been made easier by adding a new export and import feature for the software settings. Export the software settings file from the old computer and then import it into the new computer.
    • Added the ability to re-enable all nag messages.
  • General
    • Error messages during play, replay, preview, and recording were improved to aid with troubleshooting.
    • Updated the software to use the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
    • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.