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Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge Assembly and Usage:

Kit Contents:

  1. 2 x Sides
  2. 1 x Base
  3. 1 x Front
  4. 1 x Door
  5. 1 x Under Body Clearance Checker
  6. 1 x Height Checker
  7. 3 x Rubber Bands


Please refer to the assembly video at


  1. Remove the door from the gauge.
  2. Set the door down behind the gauge, to make it easier to roll the car into the gauge.
  3. Roll the car into the gauge.
  4. Set the door in place.
  • Car Dimension Checking – If the car fits fully inside the inspection gauge, then the car meets the standard dimensional limits (max 2-3/4” width, max 7” length, min 1-3/4” wheel spacing, and the selected height limit that the gauge is set to).
  • Under Body Clearance Checking – If the bottom of the car rubs on the Clearance Checker, then the car does not meet the minimum 3/8” under body clearance. However, you may want to test the car on the curved section of your track to determine if the car will really have a problem bottoming out on the lane guide strips.
  • Wheelbase Checking – If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase, you can make marks on the sides of the gauge. You can then compare the car wheelbase with those marks.
  • Start Pin Checking – Check the front of the car to make sure that no part of it extends past the leading edge of the pin. Also, check that the car doesn’t extend over the pin. You may need to confirm with the racer as to which end of the car is the front, if it is not obvious.