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Upgrade Policy: Upgrade Now

Registered users of Versions 4 and above of this software are eligible to purchase the upgrade. 

Anyone purchasing an earlier version of this software within 90 days of the newest version being released can contact us for a free upgrade.

What's New with Version 5.0:

Version 5.0 of RaceReplay adds several new features and improvements to make video recording and replay easier and more flexible.

  • Remote Interface
  • Advanced Software Settings
    • Allow users multiple setting files they can switch between. Updated existing Export settings to allow for file naming.
  • Advanced Video Settings
    • Added support for configuring the video Color Space/Compression, Video Size and Frame Rate.
  • General
    • Added support for the use of a presentation remote to control various software functions. Each remote button can be configured in the Advanced Software Settings screen to control a particular function.
    • Modified the file cleanup to run on a background thread, so not to bog down the main program.
    • Several other less notable improvements and fixes were implemented.

Version 4.0 Changes