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DerbyWeb is an add-on to our popular GrandPrix Race Manager (Pro Version Only) software. GrandPrix Race Manager runs the actual race, but DerbyWeb provides your race crew and spectators access to certain race data via WiFi on their smart phones or tablet computers.


  • DerbyWeb licensing is on an annual subscription basis.  Purchasing a subscription entitles you to the latest version of the software, as well as free software updates and technical support during the subscription period.  Your annual subscription starts the day that we process your order and ends one year to the day afterwards. You can continue to use the software after the subscription period expires, but you will not be entitled to updates or technical support.
  • DerbyWeb requires that you are running GrandPrix Race Manager Version 15 or above (Pro Version Only).
  • DerbyWeb is only available via download.
  • DerbyWeb is non-returnable.

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