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Our goal is to provide high quality products that will help with planning and conducting Cub Scout® Pinewood Derby®, Awana® Grand Prix, Space Derby®, Raingutter Regatta and other similar races. With these races, many things have to be juggled like ensuring fairness, creating schedules, tracking results, determining awards, creating the feel of a real race, and more.

We offer software solutions to help make running your race easier, more efficient, fun, and fair. Our software is professionally written, maintained and supported. While our competitors may claim that they provide the "leading software" for Pinewood Derby and Awana Grand Prix type races, we feel the software should do the talking. Download our demo and theirs and see for yourself who provides the best software on the market.

We also offer many non-software products to help you run a fun, fair and efficient race. These include race decorations, digital scales and accessories, inspection gauges, computer accessories, car carrying trays, workshop supplies, and more.

Awana is a registered trademark of Awana Clubs International.
Cub Scouts, Pinewood Derby and Space Derby are registered trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America.


Our Products

Here's a highlight of just some of the products that we offer:

  • GrandPrix Race Manager™ - Manages your Awana Grand Prix or Pinewood Derby type race including registering racers, generating schedules, determining awards, interfacing to many popular timing systems, providing reports, and more. More information...
  • RaceFX™ - A sound effects player to add spice to your race atmosphere with a wide variety of race sounds effects. Use the supplied sound effects and/or use your own. Highly customizable. More information...
  • DerbyDMV™ - is a software application that will create mock driver's licenses for your racers, complete with their photo. It is a nice way to add fun to your race and give your racers a souvenir keepsake. You can also make up pit passes for your race crew. More information...
  • RaceReplay™ - Video instant replay software. Display live action video and instant replays using your video camera. You can even capture, save and print snapshots from the video playback. More information...
  • Derby Car Tracker™ - is a tool to help you improve the performance of your cars.  Use it to document your car builds and collect actual run data to gauge and improve performance. More information...
  • Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge - Our unique gauge design allows you to speed up your check-in inspection and make it more consistent. Verifies all standard dimensional limits. More information...
  • Car Carrying Trays - Sold individually or in 3 packs. These trays make it easier to carry cars around between stations and help protect the cars by keeping them off their wheels (don't roll around and helps maintain wheel alignment). More information...
  • Race Equipment and Supplies - We carry equipment and supplies (digital scales, race decorations, car staging parking lots, computer accessories, and more) to help you have a more fair and fun race. More information...

GrandPrix Race Manager, RaceFX, RaceReplay, DerbyDMV, and Derby Data Tracker are trademarks of Lisano Enterprises, LLC.


News and Announcements

We have several new things for the 2014-2015 racing season!

  • Our new Derby Car Tracker™ software will help racers improve the performance of their cars by documenting the car setup and collecting and analyzing run data.  Check out the Derby Car Tracker information page for more details.
  • We have new versions of our popular GrandPrix Race Manager™ (Version 14.0), RaceFX™ (Version 6.0), DerbyDMV™ (Version 7.0), and RaceReplay™ (Version 4.0) software packages.
  • GrandPrix Race Manager now has two flavors, Lite and Pro. The Lite version of the software has the very basics for running a race, while the Pro version offers many more features and flexibility.
  • We've released a series of instructional videos for GrandPrix Race Manager to help you better use the software for your race.
  • Check out the new design for our Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge.  The new design has all of the same inspection checks, but now has an adjustable height checker and can be folded up for storage.
  • Stay tuned...We will have some other new products to announce soon.

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