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Serial Cable Setup - 50ft

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USB to Serial Adapter
Serial Port Tester

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This setup takes a 50ft Cat-5e Ethernet cable and combines it with two Ethernet to Serial Adapters (one male and one female) to make a RS-232 serial cable.  You can substitute a longer or shorter Ethernet cable to tailor the length to your particular application.  Having a long cable length gives you much more flexibility in where you can place your computer in relation to your timer. Perfect for your next Cub Scout® Pinewood Derby®, Awana® Grand Prix, Space Derby®, or other similar race.

Product Features:

  • One 50ft Cat-5e Ethernet cable with gold plated connectors
  • One DB9 Male to RJ45 adapter
  • One DB9 Female to RJ45 adapter
  • Can connect to a USB to Serial Adapter, if your computer doesn't have a serial port

Note: Cable and adapter colors may vary

If you have your own Ethernet cable, we do offer just the Serial to Ethernet Adapter Set.

We do also carry a Serial Port Tester that will help you troubleshoot a timer communications issue.

Warning: Don't wait until the last minute to test out your timer with your computer!  You don't need your whole track setup in order to do that, just the timer, your computer and the cabling to connect the two.  If you do run into a problem, you will then have time to resolve it before your race.

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